The Gulf
La Spezia, a pearl between land and sea

The Gulf of La Spezia, also known also as the Gulf of Poets, is famous worldwide. This name was given to the gulf in 1910 by the playwright Sem Benelli, that in San Terenzo worked on his masterpiece The Jester’s Supper. This nickname comes mainly from the fact that over the centuries many poets, writers and artists have spent periods in the villages of the Gulf: D.H. Lawrence, G. SandLord Byron and P.B. Shelley.

The Gulf is also known thanks to fascinating residential areas near the sea: La Spezia and villages such as Porto Venere with its islands and the district of Lerici.

Here you can find all information about these places.

The city
La Spezia is in the eastern part of Liguria, a few kilometers from Tuscany, in the middle of a deep natural bay which takes its name. This gulf is also known as "Gulf of Poets."
Porto Venere and the islands
Porto Venere is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Gulf. Want to discover more information? Click here!
A village on the sea, colored houses and typical caruggi. Explore Lerici.