Natural parks of the area
A slice of earth full of protected areas

La Spezia is at the centre of an extraordinary system of parks. It is the Hub Town of Marine and Apennine mountain nature parks. The Cinque Terre National Park, theTuscan/Emilian Apennine National Park, the Porto Venere Regional Nature Park, the Montemarcello-Magra Regional Nature Park, the Apuan Alps Regional Park, form a set of varying landscapes which is unique not only in Italy.

The Park of Montemarcello-Magra
The Park of Montemarcello-Magra lies on a territory of more than 4000 hectares at the border between two regions: Liguria and Tuscany. Full of natural, historical and cultural features, it spreads over 18 municipalities.
Tuscan/Emilian Apennine National Park
Not only the sea, but also mountains. Breathtaking views and hiking paths: discover the Tuscan/Emilian Apennine National park.
Porto Venere Regional Nature Park
Discover the Porto Venere Regional Natural Park, immerse yourself in the nature and beauty.
Apuan Alps Regional Park
The Apuan Alps are known for the beauty of its marbles, their deep abysses and the great cavities of the karst underground.
Cinque Terre
Find out the wonder of Cinque Terre
Get lost in the little streets of the five most famous villages of Italy.