Modern Art, Sacred Art and History of Transports are just some of the interesting cultural offerings of Spezia.

Cultural services La Spezia
Contemporary and religious art and the treasures of the Naval Museum. La Spezia offers a wide cultural choice with its various museums
The Castle Museum "U. Formentini" Archaeological Collections
Situated on a small knoll known as the “Poggio” (from the Latin podium), and overlooking the old group of houses, it has undergone numerous, continuous build- ing stages which are recorded from the second half of the 14th century on.

Via XXVII Marzo
Lia Museum
The over 1.000 works collected by Amedeo Lia which are now kept in the museum to demonstrate this collector’s composite and varied interests and to illustrate artistic production from the pre-classical age up to the end of the 18th century.

Via del Prione 234
The Centre of Modern and Contemporary Art (CAMeC) houses both the works from the historic civic collections, and the art collections do- nated to the City of La Spezia by Giorgio Cozzani and Ferruccio Battolini. The Civic Collections consist of about 600 paintings, the fundamental works being the series of 19th-century paintings, mainly by Fossati, Valle and Pon- tremoli, which are not on show here.

Piazza Cesare Battisti 1
Ethnographic Museum
Museum, dedicated to Giovanni Podenzana, who at the turn of the 19th century recovered objects related to the folk tradition and the peasant life which was disappearing in the wake of industrialisation.

Via Prione 156
Seals Museum
The collection of seals derives from Mr. and Mrs. Capellini’s donation to the City of La Spezia, and is in all prob- ability the biggest specialist seals collection in the world. Seals were born of the need to confirm ownership of a document and to generally attest to its juridical validity.

Via Prione 234
Palazzina delle Arti L. S. Rosaia
The Palazzina delle Arti (Arts Building) was designed by Franco Oliva around the 1920s, originally as the Public Health Offices. Following the opening of the Lia Museum, the Palazzina was prepared for the housing of the Special Library of Art and Archaeology and the permanent exhibition of the seals collection, as well as for the hosting of temporary exhibitions and conferences.

Via Prione 236
Diocesan Museum
The need for a triple site for the Diocesan Museum arose from the complex situation of the diocese, which was first created in Luni and then transferred to Sarzana (1204), losing a portion of its territory with the creation in 1133 of the diocese of Brugnato by the newborn archdiocese of Genoa and the transfer of the bishop’s see to La Spezia in 1929.

Via Prione 156
National Transport Museum
Nazionale dei Trasporti (National Transport Museum) was set up in 1986 with the original purpose of preserving the trams, which were more and more rapidly beingor combustion vehicles.

Via Fossitermi
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Naval Technical Museum
Since 1870, La Spezia has hosted the oldest naval museum in the world.

Viale Amendola 1