Food culture
Pesto, beans and poor fish. A journey into the regional culinary culture

Focaccia, farinata and pesto are the most famous dishes in La Spezia.

Looking into the ancient tradition we discover how the extra-virgin olive oil and black pepper are the basis of the most typical local dish such as soup of legumes and cereals, called Mesciùa.

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Typical dish of the Ligurian tradition par excellence, it is a very low savory pie, prepared with chickpea flour, water, salt and extra virgin olive oil.
Mesciùa, food from the land and not from the sea, is the dish par excellence from La Spezia.
Genoese Pesto
Sine 1976 we produce an excellent Genoese Pesto still prepared with all Ligurian tradition ingredients. You will find in our product the intense perfume of Vessalico garlic, and Prà basil, paired with the tastes of Pisa pine nuts, 3-years aged Parmigiano Reggiano and unique Riviera Ligure extra virgin olive oil.
Filled mussels
Stuffed Mussels are one of the most typical dishes in La Spezia, thanks to the mussel-farming practiced in the city gulf.
The preparation is complicated, but worth it!
Ligurian rabbit
Tender and tasty rabbit flesh cooked with rosemary, time, marjoram and taggiasche olives is one of the most typical country recipes of Liguria.
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