From the sea to the arsenal

The palm-lined Passeggiata Costantino Morin promenade gives you a wide-reaching view over the famous Gulf, with the Apuan Alps, the source of pure white Carrara marble, dominating it to the east, and to the west the jagged coast stretching to Porto Venere and the islands in front of it. The promenade was made using the huge mass of debris resulting from the digging of the docks and quays of the nearby Military Arsenal, as were the large elegant Public Gardens between the old town and the sea. At the end of the promenade stands the Paolo Emilio Thaon de Revel bridge, inaugurated in 2013.

The bridge is on an axis with Viale Diaz, which cuts through the Gardens near the Centro Salvador Allende, a multifunctional centre, and the nearby Pinetina (Little Pinewood), and further on with the old street, Via Prione, so that the old town is thus connected to the brand new Porto Mirabello, which can be reached instead from the opposite side. The Mirabello port is an attractive, efficient tourist area which was wholly created on an artificial peninsula built on the sea. Besides the numerous boat moorings and the necessary infrastructures, it has shops and clubs, and offers a unique view over the town.

Alternatively, from here you can go down the street which takes you straight to Viale Amendola and the Maritime Military Arsenal, whose building was decided by the minister Camillo Cavour and by Domenico Chiodo in 1860; it was completed in 1869. From Piazza Chiodo you get an overall view of well-ordered Via Chiodo as far as Piazza Verdi. The rows of orange trees and the seafront Gardens demonstrate the mild climate of the town. As we said before if you continue along lovely Via Chiodo you get to Piazza Verdi, where the street in fact ends. Here and in the vicinity you will find many elegant public and private buildings are concentrated; they were planned and built in the first decades of the 20th century. You will also spot the elegant villas and richly-decorated buildings among the palm-trees on the hills behind the 1933 Post Office. Perhaps the finest of these is the Giacomo Puccini Music Conservatory, formerly the Marmori family villa, a splendid example of a town mansion designed by Franco Oliva in 1923.


An easy path, interesting and suitable for everyone!
Passeggiata Morin
The Passeggiata Morin (promenade) skirts the Gulf and goes up the Molo Italia (quay), which starts from the Harbourmaster’s Office and stretches out into the sea, offering a pleasant short stroll up to the lighthouse at the end.
The red lighthouse
The lighthouse is situated at the end of the Italia quay, it offers a magnificent view of the Gulf.
Thaon de Revel Bridge
Bridge inaugurated in 2013: it connects the town centre with the Mirabello port.
Centro Allende
The “Salvador Allende” center is a multifunctional space. During summer, it hosts the Spazio Boss.
Military Arsenal facility
The Military Arsenal facility was decided by the Minister Camillo Cavour and Domenico Chiodo in 1860 and completed in 1869.
The villa, projected Franco Oliva in 1923, today is the headquarters of the “Giacomo Puccini” Music Conservatory and it is a wonderful example of urban abode.
The ending point of one of the many interesting paths of La Spezia.
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