The streets are wide and the houses are tall and yellow..”.

This was how Ernest Hemingway saw La Spezia, just a few words for an exceptional description: a city made up of large houses and wide streets. The very big size of the building shows the extraordinary development the town has undergone since the second half of the 19th century, the time when the great Naval Arsenal, which the Savoy royal family decided to build, changed its destiny and appearance so radically. This city has an ancient history. La Spezia was the capital of the shortlived Signoria (feudal dominion) ofthe Guelph Niccolò Fieschifief opposed to and by Genoa. The influence of Genoa is still perceptible, it can be found while passing through the carrugio which divides the ancient center, the Via del Prione, so-called because of the big stone where the public announcements were read, which is called prione in the dialect of La Spezia. The structure of Ligurian towns is made of carrugi, the narrow streets with the houses built side by side, with medieval tower houses generally built joint to one another for defense reasons, and with small widenings where it was possibile to carry on with commerce and trade activities in general, not in squares but in fields. Such as the Campo degli Agostiniani, today Piazza Sant’Agostino. But the monument which mostly represents the history of the city is without a doubt the Fortress of San Giorgio, located on a small hill called il Poggio.


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The city is mentioned for the first time in a document from 1160.
La Spezia in 1253 became the capital of the lordship of Niccolò Fieschi
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The first small portion of public park was created in 1825 on the site of today’s Palco della Musica, a bandstand which was purchased at the Turin Universal Exhibition in 1866. The original name of the park, “Boschetto” (Little Wood), indicates the landscaping type of planning approach.
The hilly nature of the site on which La Spezia stands has necessarily conditioned the shape of the town.
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